Cut throat

Cut throat

Always heard friends,family & pro am partners saying to me over the years. ” don’t know how you guys ( pro golfers ) can do it, it must be so cut throat.” I always agreed saying yeah it’s pretty tough but never really understood what they meant or believed myself it was cut throat.
I’ve enjoyed every moment of my golf career amateur & professional. From forcing yourself out to practice or play in freezing cold winter mornings , grinding out a 6 or 7 over round into a 1 or 2 over round. Being on the cut line with a few to play and getting the foot down or falling away or my favourite shooting a low one and coming off the course speaking to fellow competitors acting as if it was a walk in the park then going into a quite spot in the clubhouse and going absolutely mental with a fist pump ala Jose Mourinho style. It’s all still a great buzz and a total roller coaster ride. The achievements and disappointments in the game is what I always enjoy. I think the achievements of course breed confidence and keep you going. However the disappointments really give you a slap in the face and a reality check at some points.
I can remember my brother Scott telling me one day about how his wife Kylie had came of the course one day. He told me she called him crying on the phone with disappointment. I laughed when he told me this thinking to myself ” it’s just a game of golf” but I could see the look he gave me when I was laughing that he had been or been close to the same situation as Kylie at some point during his career. I always thought I would never get to that stage during my career.
However this season has been tough after finishing 28th in the euro pro tour order of merit consecutively in 2016 & 2017. You would think it would be the kind of position you would kick on and really push for a top 5 place… this wasn’t to be. 92nd place on The Euro Pro Tour order of merit with a whopping £1859.94 earned on the course of course with a PGA levy of 5% taken off so £1766.95 after 13 events not even enough to pay the fuel for the years travels around the UK.
Although on paper my results this season doesn’t look great, I actually felt tee to green it was the best I have ever hit the ball. Just the scoring part of the game had really let me down. So I thought I would enter The European Tour school where on the run up I put a lot more of my time into my short game and putting…


Boom there’s yer dinner!

72,70 & 68 six under par for my first 3 rounds at Frilford Heath GC with one round to go sitting in 3rd place. I Really focused on my processes each day. An hours warm up before play and then practiced putting , chipping and some shots on the range after each round even if the range was shut by the time I got there after my round. I still found a way to get it done so I was ready to go each day.
Final round 9 over par score 81 slipped from 3rd place to 40th place with a total score of 3 over par. Missing qualifying to the second stage by 4 shots… Now I know what cut throat is and how Kylie felt that day she phoned Scott and many others probably do each week on there various tours and competitions. Let’s hope this is the kick up he arse I needed after the season I have had.

One event left for me before my season finishes and The Big Johnson’s Tour and other winter alliances type events kick off. I am heading to Portugal at the end of this month to play The Invitational Pro Am ran & supported by PGAs of Europe and The Eligo Club. 3 day Dunhill style pro am played over Laranjal & Quinta Do Lago North & South. An event where 5 years ago I met a great friend and now sponsor Concept Financial Services very own John Moynihan.

Happy golfing guys,

John Henry

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho celebrates winning the UEFA Europa League Final at the Friends Arena in Stockholm, Sweden


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  1. Pedro Reply

    Keep the chin up. Sounds like you’ve taken the one step back to go two forward next season.
    All the best for the winter.

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